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Speakin’ the Blues: The Blues Never Die: On My Absence

Speakin' the Blues: The Blues Never Die: On My Absence

Well sheeeeeeeeeeeit. I haven’t posted since June. I haven’t even commented on all the things happening in my musical endeavors and or new of blues world.

It is a shame really; I remember dedicating a lot of my time to this blog. I still get regular emails from artists and labels worldwide asking me to review their albums. I was voted the 18th Top Blues Blog on the internet.

Unfortunately due to many real life issues, work and family related, I was unable to keep up with the daily or weekly updates of the old days. I owe many of you apologies for this sabbatical. I really want you to know it’s not intentional.

The blues as a musical genre does not garner that much public attention. Ariana Grande can simply tweet “thank u, next” and get hundreds of thousands of retweets. We don’t have this privilege.

Not that we’d want it of course; we pride ourselves in the purity and meaning behind the music. However, because of the lack of general happenings, there is less news coverage, and less things going on.

It can get very frustrating when writing about something that, not only you’ve spoken about for years, but if there is nothing actually happening. There is just so many times I can link old videos. Writers block is a bitch.

But know that I’ve been playing some gigs, and I got a big one coming up next month. I am working on a new EP. I am seeking more opportunities.

upcoming gig artwork

I might have been out for a while, but I will be back. The blues never die, and neither will my message.

I thank all your support and emails. It has definitely made my blues a bit softer. I look forward to being back very soon with regular updates.

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