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Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the 2022 installment of the notorious and explosive Saving Country Music CMA Awards LIVE blog. As the presentation transpires, snark, thoughts, pointed remarks, keen observations, and probably a few swear words and errant typos will be presented in real time, so get your refresh fingers ready. Yes, there will be some fun at other people’s expense, so bring a thick skin, but we’ll also give credit where credit is due.

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WARNING: Language

All Times Central Time.

8:06 – HINT Luke Bryan: If you got to tell everyone how country you are, you’re probably not country. And that wasn’t patriotism welling up inside of me when I was watching that performance, it was bile.

8:04 – Will give Old Dominion credit for mentioning Jeff Cook and Alabama, who were probably the most successful country group in history. May be the only hat tip Jeff Cook gets tonight.

8:03 – Just appreciate we live in a country music world with Mike and the Moonpies, Turnpike Troubadours, Whiskey Myers out their setting the world on fire and a group of dudes who look like Crypto-selling douche creeps in Old Dominon just won the CMA Vocal Group of the Year.

8:01 – WINNER – The CMA for Vocal Group of the Year goes to Old Dominion.

7:55 – So apparently Wynonna thought she was at the CMT Awards. No wonder she looked so unhappy.

7:53 – Luke Combs is always not bad, sometimes okay, occasionally good, and never great. He’s hard to not root for with his everyman thing. But you always want more from him. This song and performance is fine. I will forget about it five minutes from now.

7:51 – Nothing says country like a pyrotechnics show. We knew the first 20 minutes of this thing was a mirage.

7:49 – Watching Carrie Underwood perform in an evening gown in tribute to Loretta was good. But it’s not an awards show if she doesn’t show off her gams that can crush bowling balls.

Don’t care for this performance though. She does best live with ballads. Not rehashed hair metal.

7:44 – At this point Vocal Duo is Brothers Osborne’s to lose indefinitely, kind of like how Brooks & Dunn was for a decade-plus. Dan + Shay who?

7:42 – WINNER – Brothers Osborne wins for Vocal Duo of the Year

7:40 – Goodness. Wynonna’s frown face says it all. What an awkward moment as festive music plays behind her. Someone didn’t read the room here on the production crew.

7:37 – I don’t know who Geraldine is, but I would watch out. Miranda comes across as one who will throw your tossed salad in your face and hit the pavement before the po-po roll up.

7:36 – Cool to see Jeannie Seely get some pub introducing a Miranda Lambert performance. Would be even more cool if they let her sing.

7:34 – No joke, the internet is EXPLODING right now with tons of late teens, early 20s country fans wondering why the hell Zach Bryan is not on this thing. Not booking him at least as a presenter or something was a catastrophic move by the CMAs.

7:31 – They should have bailed out on the Cole Swindell song, and launched into Jo Dee Messina’s, “My Give a Damn’s Busted.”

7:30 – If the girl in this Cole Swindell song is a 90s country fan, what the fuck is she doing hanging out with Cole Swindell’s weak ass?

7:29 – My general countenance watching Cole Swindell:

7:28 – This Cole Swindell “Heads Carolina” performance would be the perfect time for Will Smith and his spring-loaded slapper to randomly dart out of the crowd and rip someone across the crooner.

7:27 – I’ll say this. “Buy Dirt” is not as bad as I want it to be. Would have much preferred “Never Wanted To Be That Girl” or “Things A Man Oughta Know.” But this was a surprisingly strong field.

7:26 – WINNER – The CMA for Song of the Year goes to Jordan Davis for “Buy Dirt”

7:23 – Damn Cody. Dude knows how to deliver a song.

7:22 – Cody Johnson is a sleeper to have a huge night. He’s also up for New Artist of the Year and Single of the Year. Before Zach Bryan started blowing up, he was really the guy blowing up in country this year, esp. off the power of “Til You Can’t.”

7:20 – Damn, a real cowboy hat on the CMA Awards stage. And another real country song with steel guitar and fiddle in Cody Johnson’s “Til You Can’t,” which already won Video of the Year. Yeah, it’s not Merle Haggard, but it’s hard to not root for Cody Johnson.

7:15 – 15 minutes in, and all we’ve heard so far is classic country music, and at the very start of the show. This isn’t the 2013 CMA Awards. Things are truly changing.

7:14 – I want to like the Pillbox Patti bit, but the electronic garbage on her record was a turn off.

7:13 – Super awesome Ashley McBryde and her new Lindeville project gets prime time placement here, but slightly lame they’re playing the one cover from the project. Still, with Brandy Clark, Brothers Osborne, Hammack, Pillbox Patti, and Brothers Osborne, this is some of the best of the mainstream on display.

7:11 – None of these monologue jokes are landing. The comp % is worse than Eli Manning in an NFC Championship game.

7:10 – Gotta love that Alan Jackson didn’t even bother to shave for this thing.

7:09 – Since we’re doing football analogies, Peyton Manning can blame CTE and concussions for being slow. What’s Luke Bryan’s?

7:08 – Wait, so our generation’s Gomer Pyle and the dude who made out with Papa John at mid field when his defense won him a Super Bowl are the ones hosting the CMA Awards? This is going to be a longer night than waiting for Midterm results.

7:05 – Now Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert, and Reba are singing a full version of “Coal Miner’s Daughter.” You really can’t complain about this start to the CMAs. Classic country music goodness here.

7:03 – As great as this Loretta Lynn tribute is, I would prefer one or two heartfelt full song performances as opposed to the medley of hits.

7:02 – Holy butt, the CMA Awards start with an actual country song (“You Ain’t Woman”), and a bona-fide steel guitar on stage. Miranda Lambert now singing “Don’t Com Home ‘A Drinkin’” … and the folks who tuned in to see Morgan Wallen tractor rapping are wondering what the hell is going on with this bumpkin’ shit.

7:01 – The presentation starts with vintage footage of Loretta Lynn accepting the CMA Entertainer of the Year. This is the 50th anniversary of Loretta Lynn becoming the first woman to win the CMA for Entertainer of the Year in 1972.

7:00 – And here we go!

6:49WINNER – Musician of the Year – Jenee Fleenor (fiddle)

This is Jenee Fleenor’s fourth consecutive win going back to 2019. Steel guitarist Paul Franklin has now been officially nominated 30 times, and never won.

6:45 Early winners include:

Musical Event of the Year – Ashley McBryde and Carly Pearce – “Never Wanted to Be That Girl”
Video of the Year – Cody Johnson – “Til You Can’t”

A couple of wins for the good guys here to prime the pump.

6:40Some of what to expect:

The presentation will start off with a tribute to Loretta Lynn. There will also be tributes to Jerry Lee Lewis, Alan Jackson, and The Rolling Stones. Though it’s easy to cast off the CMAs as only pandering to pop country audiences, with the way the younger generation ignores television entirely, they’ve been trying to appeal to older audiences more and more over the last few years. So far though, there’s no word on a tribute to Naomi Judd. Let’s see if we even get an In Memoriam segment, which the CMAs have preempted in recent years.

Along with the usual suspects performing, there are some folks from the more independent/Americana side of music performing as well, including Marcus King, The War and Treaty (who just released an EP), and The Black Keys.

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