The Sugar Roots debut album release Savage's Life


The Sugar Roots are a band born in 2021 of the legendary Portland, Oregon blues scene, and their debut album “Savage’s Life” features many of its leading lights. 

The band was founded by front man Chad Rupp (vox, guitar, harp and piano) in 2021 and features an all-star lineup including Lisa Mann guitarist Jason “JT” Thomas, bassist Timmer Blakely (Karen Lovely, Lloyd Jones) and Chandler Bowerman, also drummer for BMA nominee Ben Rice. Some of Portland‘s largest legends appear on this stunning debut, including Lloyd Jones, two-time BMA winner Lisa Mann, IBC finalist Rae Gordon, and BMA winner Karen Lovely. 

The Sugar Roots’ long immersion in the Pacific Northwest blues scene is reflected in every soulful, sophisticated track of “Savage’s Life.” Said Chad, “All the classic blues greats have played a part in what I play; however, my most revered influences are my Portland professors. The classroom has always been their live performances in local venues. Jim Mesi, Paul deLay, Lloyd Jones, Norman Sylvester, DK Stewart, Curtis Salgado, Duffy Bishop were the faculty and remain so.” 

With “Savage’s Life“ the Sugar Roots show that they are the generation that will school the blues of the future, in Portland and around the world.

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