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Since February 2018, Nameless Sound and Lawndale Art Center have hosted “They, Who Sound”, a weekly concert series featuring experimental musicians, sound artists, improvisers, noise-makers, art performers, and more. The series centers Houston’s vibrant and diverse community of sonic artists, but also includes regional, national and international guests (often in collaboration with local practitioners).

They Sounded. And twice per month we will reach into our archive to showcase video documentation from these past performances. Enjoy the opportunity to watch and listen from wherever you are, and we look forward to seeing you live whenever They Sound in the flesh again!

Damon Choice/Darrell Lavigne – Solo, Solo, Duo, and Trio with Sonia Flores

Rolando Cantú/ David Dove/ Laura Dykes/ Carmina Escobar/ Juan García/ John Alan Kennedy/ Gabriel Martinez/ Bhob Rainey

Mars Williams Presents An Ayler Xmas

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