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Tuluum Shimmering – A Distant Moon

Tuluum Shimmering - A Distant Moon

Pulled from memories, melodies turn like the gears within a watch. Recognizable tones and instruments turning and different rates. Slow droning sweeps of larger sprockets adjacent to smaller rapidly spinning wheels. Our listening senses blur as one sound becomes crystallized and detailed. This mesmerizing last only briefly until the focus becomes wider and the entire orchestra becomes vivid again. The long sustains of tones begin to saturate beginnings. Unhurried build ups of instruments over rhythms have given way to a more free sonic wave. Huge swells of heavy molecules supporting surfers gliding across their faces. A dance of earth’s greatest forces and electronic painters across the water. 


A Distant Moon is another massive body of work from Tuluum Shimmering. Actually this composition is held within just two compact discs rather than many of Tuluum Shimmering’s four compact disc releases. There are three tracks on A Distant Moon. “A Pale Crescent Shining Above the Dark Hollow” and “Drops of Moonlight” covering the first disc while “The Soft Beams of the Moon” fills the second disc. The directions or format is a little different than many of the other pieces listened to in the extremely vast catalog of Jake Webster. There seems to be less of a glacial build up of rhythms and sounds, they do augment from beginning moving forward, but there is more of a loose freedom in the later half of these pieces. The second track depicts this description well as, “Drops of Moonlight” submerges into a bagpipe like drone with a sonic 70’s meteor shower streaking through the conscious. The last selection, “The Soft Beams of the Moon” builds only a little and begins to drift in a world of serene and free pep sounds. All three tracks absolutely gorgeous as always from Tuluum Shimmering.


Released on Jake Webster’s consistently prolific efforts in art and sound. This is Tuluum Shimmering Records catalog TSR 033. Copies are available from TSR or the bandcamp page. A double compact disc recordable housed in lino printed recycled card wallets. 


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