Viul & Benoît Pioulard / Konec (ASIPV035) — A STRANGELY ISOLATED PLACE

Our next release comes from the esteemed pairing of Benoît Pioulard and Viul with a 2LP collaboration titled Konec.

This album stuck inside my head as soon as I was done with the first listen. Closely rooted in each of their own aesthetics, it sits somewhere between a hazy city sunset and a dystopian swan song, evoking a lot of nostalgia and plenty of memorable moments throughout the twelve tracks. One of those albums where everyone has a different favorite track!

Mastered by Rafael Anton Irisarri and featuring some stunning hand-drawn artwork by Liz Harris, the gatefold is printed on reverse board gatefold to enhance Liz’s artwork and pressed on Transparent vinyl.

Preorder is available on Monday 15th with full release on August 29th.

Listen to the album and view links to buy on the album release page.

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